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Carpool Procedures

Carpool at Conway

Carpool Arrival

Students can enter the building at 8:35 a.m. If you are dropping off in the morning, you must keep your child in the car until an adult opens the car door and escorts them to the sidewalk. There is no adult supervision outside before 8:35. All parents must stay in their vehicles at all times.

Carpool Dismissal

Dismissal is at 3:50. The carpool lanes will not open until 3:40 p.m. daily due to our specials schedule.  PE will be using the front circle drive as their blacktop area for the duration of the school year, depending on their programming.  Please do not line up on Conway Road or block the intersection at Warson at Conway prior to 3:30. All parents must stay in their vehicles at all times.

Walkers (PM)

If you are walking to pick up your child, stay by Conway Road or the crosswalk while PE classes are still in session in the front circle. The PE teachers must be able to focus on their students and not have to worry about which adults are approaching the school or students to ensure everyone’s safety outside during school hours.


There are eight (8) parking spots at the entrance of the blacktop near Conway Road for any parents who need to drop off or pick up students during school hours.

Parent & Visitor Building Entry

For the safety of our students and staff, all guests entering the school will be required to use an official ID or license to log into our Raptor security system before entering the building. Parents will also be required to show proof of ID to check out children from the school.